Quick Answer: What is the difference between micro and Teacup Puppies?

Whilst neither are formally recognized, Teacup puppies are supposed to weigh no more than 5-6 lbs, whilst Micro puppies are supposed to weigh around 2-3 lbs. They’re not that different, though, and are often referred to interchangeably.

What is a micro puppy?

Teacups are basically very small versions of popular breeds of small dogs. Also referred to as micro-dogs or pocket-sized dogs, as one may imagine, on top of being small, these dogs also considerably weigh less than the standard set forth for that particular breed. … They are not a specific breed of dog.

How big do micro teacup puppies get?

They must also be less than 17 inches tall when fully grown. For the most part, a dog that could fit in a cereal bowl is likely a Teacup. As puppies they are so small they can fit in a teacup!

Teacup Breeds Ranked by Size.

Breed Weight (pounds)
Teacup Pomeranian 3
Micro Chihuahua 4
Teacup Yorkie 4
Mini Maltese 5

Is teacup puppy smaller than toy puppy?

“Teacup” and “Toy” Refer to Different Things

Toy breeds refer, generally, to any dog under 15 pounds; as in all Pomeranians and Chihuahuas and so on. Teacup breeds refer to dogs who are specifically bred to be even smaller than Toy sized dogs.

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How do I know if my puppy is a teacup?

Teacup dogs may way as little as two pounds, and measure fewer than 17 inches when fully grown. What’s more, “toy” breeds include any dogs that weigh less than 15 pounds, so teacup dogs can be considered part of the “toy” classification, too.

How much does a micro puppy cost?

Teacup puppies come in at an average of $3,000 – $5,000; however, certain breeds are known to cost upwards of $10,000. There are three factors that can (and will) affect teacup puppy prices.

Are micro puppies real?

Micro puppies are even smaller than Teacup dogs, weighing around 2-3 lbs. They are the result of breeding two Teacup puppies together. This can be very hard on the mothers’ tiny bodies and there are often complications.

Are micro mini dogs healthy?

Health Risks for Teacup Dogs

Doctors say common health issues for teacup dogs include hypoglycemia, heart defects, collapsing trachea, seizures, respiratory problems, digestive problems, and blindness. The breeding practices can also lead to an increased risk for liver shunts, says Meeks.

Which is smaller teacup or miniature?

The official height of a miniature poodle is 11 to 15 inches, and the weight is generally accepted to be in the 15 to 17 pounds range. The teacup poodle, on the other hand, is much smaller. However, there are no official breed standards for teacup poodles.

How long do micro teacup puppies live?

How long do micro teacup dogs live? If you did your research correctly to find your teacup puppy, you can find yourself with a companion for up to 15 years. Smaller dogs do tend to live longer than larger breeds, and if given the proper treatment, your teacup puppy can lead a long, fulfilling life as well.

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What are micro dogs?

These dogs are miniature versions of already-small breeds such as the Beagle, Maltese, Chihuahua, or Yorkie. They’re smaller than any officially recognized dog breed, generally weighing four pounds or less at maturity. There’s no great mystery why these micro dogs are so popular.

How much is a micro Chihuahua?

Classified ads offer Teacup Chihuahua puppies usually between $500 and $2000. Registered breeders are a little more expensive, offering puppies between $1500 and $5000. This can seem expensive, but registered breeders are always the best option for ensuring that you receive a healthy puppy.

What is the smallest puppy?


Ranging in size from 0.9-2.7 kg, the Chihuahua is the world’s tiniest breed of dog. The smallest dog in history was a Chihuahua named Miracle Milly – she was 3.8 inches tall and weighed less than 0.5 kg.