Can you return a puppy to Petland?

At the sole discretion of the Petland Manager, the purchaser makes a decision to return the puppy within forty-eight hours of purchase. The Customer must pay a return-administration fee equaling 50% of the puppy’s purchase price or $350 (whichever is greater).

Can you return pet to Petland?

We do not allow returns, but in the event the puppy you selected does not fit your environment or if puppy is a harm to itself or to people, we will allow a one time exchange for a different breed more conducive for your lifestyle.

Can you return a dog after purchase?

Generally, the buyer can return the dog and get a refund, return the dog and select a new dog, or keep the dog and get some compensation for veterinary expenses. The time frame and remedies available depend on the specific state’s law (ten to fourteen days is the usual).

Will a breeder take a puppy back?

Accepting a Puppy Back is Part of the Role of a Breeder

Typically, a reputable breeder is tied to their puppies for life — contractually they typically require any puppy that needs to be rehomed to be returned to the breeder no matter the age of the pup!

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What happens to Petland puppies that don’t sell?

If you have ever wondered what happens to the puppies that don’t sell… they are sent back to the breeders for credit as well, and they are turned into breeder dogs. They will spend the rest of their lives in a cage. They do not come out for any reason.

Why you shouldn’t buy a dog from Petland?

Most dogs brought to Petland originate from puppy mills that breed dogs to sell to pet stores. These mills show no regard for the well-being of the dogs they breed. Puppies born into overcrowded and unsanitary conditions later become kept in separate confined cages.

Does Petland have a guarantee?

pet at (877) 658-5155, within twenty-four (24) hours. Petland Aurora will allow either; You may receive a full credit of the original purchase price toward the purchase of another puppy, or.

What to do if you regret buying a puppy?

A shelter or rescue might be able to take your puppy off your hands, or allow you to keep your puppy as a foster until they can help you find a new home for them. Shelter and rescues have networks of potential adopters and usually have protocols to ensure that your puppy is going to a good home.

Is it illegal to resell a puppy?

A dog or puppy may only be sold from the licensed premises and, in the case of breeders, from the licensed premises where it was born and reared. … This means that it would be illegal to sell or buy a dog or puppy at a public place or market, unless that forms part of the licensed premises.

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Are puppy deposits refundable?

If the breeder does not have a puppy for you in the litter, then the deposit should be refunded by them. If, however, they have a puppy for you and you decide not to take it, then your deposit will not be refunded. The non-refundable deposit for a puppy guarantees you a puppy from the litter if one is available.

When should you return a puppy?

The most common time to give up a puppy is after six months, Jme Thomas, executive director of the Motley Zoo, an animal rescue in Redmond, Wash., tells Yahoo Parenting. The time between 6 months and 10 months is usually the tipping point because this is when a puppy will try to push boundaries, she adds.

What if I don’t want my puppy anymore?

Where can I take my dog to be rehomed? If you want to give up your dog, there are a couple of options you could try: Contact a dog rehoming centre. You could try one of the national charities such as Blue Cross, Dogs Trust, the RSPCA, SSPCA or USPCA, or a local rescue organisation.

Can I breed a dog without breeding rights?

Anyone can breed dogs anywhere, but in order to do it legally, you have to follow certain laws and regulations, as well as comply with contractual and local obligations. It is generally considered irresponsible to sell without breeding rights unless it is made clear in the kennel contract signed by the buyer.

Why are Petland puppies so expensive?

Breeders have to undergo genetic testing for their purebreds to ensure they’re healthy enough to breed. That costs extra money. That then goes into the price of their purebred puppies which Petland buys. … Since these breeds are popular and in high demand, Petland can sell them at high prices.

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Is Petland worth?

Petland stores boast being one of the most reputable breeders in the industry and one of the safest places to buy a puppy. The company standards go well above and beyond government and industry standards, and Petland doesn’t mind paying additional costs to maintain the highest-quality care for its animals.

Why do people protest Petland?

Petland has also been accused of selling dogs who are sick and/or dying. … Animal advocates plan to protest outside of the new Petland location at 71st and Garnett when it opens this weekend. They say they don’t want to get the pet store shut down, but want to spread awareness about the animal overpopulation in Oklahoma.