What can police do about stolen dogs?

What is the crime for stealing a dog?

What are the charges for stealing a dog? Criminal charges and penalties vary widely by state, even in those with specific criminal codes for dog theft. Most states consider pet theft a misdemeanor, and the penalties include relatively small fines and little to no jail time.

Can you call the cops if someone stole your pet?

The best way to know for sure that your pet was stolen is by witnessing the crime: either by seeing someone take your pet or by getting an eyewitness report. … “But if indeed a pet is stolen, a police report should be filed immediately.”

What do you do if your dog gets stolen?

What To Do if Your Pet Was Stolen

  1. Call the police right away and ask to file a report. …
  2. Give the HomeAgain lost pet recovery service the details of the alleged theft. …
  3. Call all of the shelters, veterinary offices, and grooming salons in your town and neighboring towns.
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Is it illegal to steal a lost dog?

Every pet owner knows that a pet is a treasured member of the family, but pets are considered property under the law (as of this writing). No one may maliciously harm or steal your pet without facing legal action. Your rights as a pet owner also apply if your dog is lost and picked up by local authorities.

Where do stolen dogs get sold?

Some people sell stolen and lost animals for research and veterinary institutions that use dogs and cats for testing and biomedical experimentation. These groups are often referred to as Class B dealers. They are brokers who acquire their animals through flea markets, newspaper adds, and other less savory sources.

What breed of dog is stolen most?

10 dog breeds most likely to get stolen

  • French Bulldog – 149 thefts.
  • Jack Russell Terrier – 107 thefts.
  • Pug – 97 thefts.
  • Bulldog – 94 thefts.
  • German Shepherd – 93 thefts.
  • Yorkshire Terrier – 77 thefts.
  • Cocker Spaniel – 66 thefts.
  • American Bulldog – 63 thefts.

What do you do if someone won’t give your pet back?

What do you do if someone won’t give your pet back? If the dog is yours and you can prove it, then if it is not returned you can contact the local police and file a theft report. Police may or may not get involved, sometimes they decide that ownership is not clear and the dispute is a civil matter.

How do you prove a dog is yours?

When can you say, “This is my dog”? Most of the time, you can prove ownership of your best friend by following a few simple steps.

Establish your ownership rights through the following:

  1. Registration. …
  2. Veterinary records. …
  3. Microchipping. …
  4. Tags. …
  5. A recent photo of your pet. …
  6. Adoption or purchase records.
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How do I get my stolen dog back?

7 Essential Advice for Recovering a Stolen Pet

  1. Create a lost pet flyer. …
  2. Report the missing pet to PawMaw.com. …
  3. Get the police involved. …
  4. Post flyers offering a reward in effective locations. …
  5. Call shelters, grooming salons, and vet hospitals. …
  6. Do a thorough search of the neighborhood. …
  7. Monitor pet sale ads.

Can I sue someone for giving my dog away?

Animal abandonment is against the law. … Generally a person who gave away his/her animal has no further claim to the animal and would likely not be entitled to any compensation if the animal were subsequently abandoned or mistreated.

How long do you get for dog theft?

Currently, pet theft falls under the Theft Act 1968 which considers a stolen pet to be a loss of property to its owners, with a maximum jail sentence of seven years.

Can dogs be taken away from owners?

Constitutional Protections

In general, that means that government shouldn’t take animals away from their owners without probable cause, and owners have the right to be notified when their dogs could be or already have been seized, as well as before the animals are euthanized.