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Benefits Of Membership

DogShowJudges is an invaluable resource of centralised information regarding Championship Dog Show Judges, from all over the world, and regardless of judging qualifications.

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Benefits of Memberships

  1. Global exposure and complete representation;

  2. Provides an invaluable resource of centralised information regarding Championship Dog Show Judges regardless of level of judging qualifications;

  3. Allows Exhibitors, Show Secretaries, fellow Judges, the opportunity to gain a complete insight into a Judge’s background, Breed Specialisation, judging qualifications, and judging experience;

  4. Self and Judging photographic display available;

  5. Show Secretaries can easily locate a judge within or between countries, based on qualifications, and/or breed specialisation, dramatically reducing the burden in selecting judging panels;

  6. Judging assignments based on qualification, specialisation and experience may be potentially on offer to Judges who otherwise did not have the exposure;

  7. Exclusive database and search facilities provided for all levels of judging from any country (i.e. All Breeds, Best In Show, Group level or Specialist), and irrespective of judging system utilised within a particular country;

  8. Allows Judges to showcase breeding, handling and/or career highlights;

  9. Provides cross-referencing between partners/spouses for easy identification when required; particularly important to Clubs who would like to extend invitation to more than one judging party;

  10. The only web site to allow for identification of Breed Specialist Judges from any country;

  11. Provides direct communication facilities to contact judges from any country, without the need for users to have an account nor e-mail; and allows judges to receive communication from show secretaries or otherwise interested parties, but without ever having to make their personal contact details known);

  12. Provides a calendar facility for judges to record future judging assignments, allows potential exhibitors to research judges they are or are considering entering under, as well as giving Show Secretaries the opportunity to know when a Judge may or may not be available for a Judging assignment (drastically saving them time and eliminating double-bookings);

  13. Unique chat facility open to all subscriber judges once logged in, enabling conversation to take place with like-minded judges, anywhere in the world, from any terminal with web access, and at any time!

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