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DogShowJudges is an invaluable resource of centralised information regarding Championship Dog Show Judges, from all over the world, and regardless of judging qualifications.

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There are Three types of advertising available to users

  1. Judge Subscription
  2. Non-Profit Organisation Advertisers
  3. Commercial Advertisers

1. Advertising - Judge Subscription

Membership is open to ALL Dog Judges from any Country!

There are restrictions to Membership, which are outlined clearly below;

  • Qualification - You must be a licensed Canine Confirmation Judge at Championship Show level, and by an Official Canine Controlling Organisation.
  • Membership - You must be a financial member of an Official Canine Controlling Organisation.
  • Ethics - You must not be under review by any Animal Welfare Agency, convicted of Animal Cruelty of any form, nor suspended by an Official Canine Controlling Organisation.

If you cannot concur with the requirements listed above, please refrain from registering your profile with this web site, for further queries in relation to this contact

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Membership is a FLAT rate of just $34.50AUD per 12 months!

2. Advertising - Non-Profit Organisations

If you are, or represent, a Non-Profit Organisation that holds significance within the "DogWorld", advertising is offered at NO COST.

Contact for further discussion in relation to this.

3. Advertising - Commerical Banner Advertising

Monthly Banner advertising is available for a flat rate per month (30 days) for Commercial advertising.

There are two sizes of Banner Advertising offered.

BANNER SPECIFICATIONS 1 (Top-mid Advertising): MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS: 468 pixels width by 60 pixels height.

BANNER SPECIFICATIONS 2 (Right-side Advertising): MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS: 160 pixels width by 250 pixels height.

Banners to be supplied to DogShowJudges electronically (FILE SIZE: 45k max FILE FORMAT: .jpg, .gif, .html, .swf)

All banner graphics/animation must be of high quality and professional design.

Contact for prices regarding the above.

DogShowJudges reserves the right to refuse or discontinue any banner advertising at our discretion. If necessary a pro-rata refund will be given to any affected advertisers.

If you have any questions regarding any of our advertising options, please contact us.

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